Kimball and the Fugitives

Kimball and the Fugitives has been one of the top live bands in the Greater Seattle Area for over 30 years, with thousands of gigs played. The expert musicianship and sheer variety makes for a really compelling presentation. People tend to stay all night, hanging on every note!

Meet the Team

Kimball Conant is our fearless and inspirational leader, an exceptional guitarist, vocalist, and all-around musician – one of the top players in town.

John Rockwell (aka John Goodstone), drummer, is a veteran of over 300 bands. His playing is supple and dynamic – a real favorite!

Phil Lane (on bass and backup vocals) was told back in the ’80s that he’d have to “follow proper channels”. Many years later he finally met a guy named Kimball, and the rest was history.

Larry Hill (also on bass, aka Lorenzo Gill) has been playing with Kimball since high school, so he gets a lot of gigs too. He’s an excellent bass-player!

Annie Eastwood is one of Seattle’s premier vocalists. We like to bring her in for special occasions.  She’s the icing on the cake!


Somebody asked the other day what our “style” was. It’s a good question. We play with a lot of style, but it’s kind of hard to put your finger on. Kimball suggested Blues, Jazz, and Country. To that I might add Swing, Oldies, Rockabilly, Classic Rock, Latin, Chick’n Pick’n, Slide Guitar, Americana, CCR, random Movie Themes… and probably a few I forgot!